Recommended Solution:

  • Proactively Tracking for Tanker Truck Fleet
  • Fuel Level Sensor Security
  • Fuel Pilferage Alert
  • Fixed Efficient Routes
  • Efficient Product Delivery Time
  • Geo-fence Exit and Entry Points
  • Geo-fence Optimized Path
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Schedule
  • Trip and Delivery History
  • Driver Behavior with Idling Notifications
  • Overall Fleet Management

Key Features Used:

Recording all maintenance cost and actives done to the vehicles, at the same time set up a reminder for the upcoming maintenance schedule.

With our advanced analytics, reports will be auto-generated into graphs and charts from the recorded trips by your drivers.

These reports will indicate the total periods of harsh acceleration and harsh deceleration done by the drivers, as well as speed consistency and distance traveled.

Record all of your vehicles’ trip history in our servers that have the capacity to save up to one year’s worth of data.

Use the stored data to analyze your employees’ driving patterns, check archive maintenance reports, preview locations or out-of-route events, and look back at a certain time of a vehicle’s trip if you suspect any malicious behavior.

Fuel level sensor used to detect level of a liquid. If liquid, reach a certain level.

Geo-fencing uses either GPS or RFID to indicate the virtual barriers.
 Functionalities can range from having designated entries and exits, having fixed paths, and locking down your vehicle’s location within your selected area. If your equipment or vehicle leaves the Geo-fence, an alarm will automatically be sent, immediately notifying the security to handle the situation.

Serial codes will be indicated to the tires,

in order to gauge the distance records, date of purchase, maximum kilometers, and when tires are due for replacement.Our system can also prevent scammers from enticing
you to change your tires too early or to sell the tires.

Analyzed from trip history data, driver behavior can be assessed based on driving speed, harsh accelerations, harsh brakes, and sharp turns.

Monitor personnel who would take too much time being idle in a certain area.

Avoid wasting your money on those who are not fully using their time out on the job; receive alerts whenever an employee would dwell in one area for too long.

You may even indicate approved stops for the personnel to rest and the amount of time they are allowed to be idle.

Have an overview of your entire fleet.

Track every vehicle and the labor and repair activities, preventive maintenance systems, and fleet expenses over time. Schedule vehicles due for maintenance.

With these improvements, human intervention will be lessened by replacing the daily vehicle logs with an automated logging system.


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