GPS Tracker M2M


Our devices can be adjusted to meet your monitoring requirements. 

Do you want to be able to have a live monitor of the temperature of your freezer truck, or set a Geo-fence to lock-down your assets in a designated area?

Our differentiator is that our customized solution will be flexibly integrated into your existing operations.

Our advanced, proactive live tracking can locate your vehicle in a matter of seconds, view its turn points, and follow its trail.

Track the average speed of each vehicle, each period of harsh acceleration and harsh deceleration, and their overall travel time to indicate if the driver is past the average operation time of 4 hours to avoid driver fatigue and accidents.

Have an overview of your entire fleet.

Track every vehicle and the labor and repair activities, preventive maintenance systems, and fleet expenses over time. Schedule vehicles due for maintenance.

With these improvements, human intervention will be lessened by replacing the daily vehicle logs with an automated logging system.

You will be given the ability to pinpoint the location of your vehicle with just your phone via SMS text message, which is available for all local Telco service providers.

See for yourself our live view of each vehicle’s fuel gauge. Keep track of the exact fuel expenses, and funnel out the dishonest personnel who exaggerate the fuel expenses or pocket gas funds.

Monitor personnel who would take too much time being idle in a certain area.

Avoid wasting cash on those who are not fully using their time out on the job; receive alerts whenever an employee would dwell in one area for too long.

You may even indicate approved stops for the personnel to rest and the amount of time they are allowed to be idle.

Our system has multiple “guard dog” programs. Important alerts will be sent to your phone, to your operation manager, or to any personnel that you’ve given administrative power.

With this, alerts can be viewed even if you are far from your computer. Receive alerts ranging from GPS tampering, unscheduled usage of vehicles, out-of-route, driver SOS, excessive idling, fuel monitoring, overspeeding and a lot more.

You can even create a customized alert that would fit your management style.

Record all of your vehicles’ trip history in our servers that have the capacity to save up to one year’s worth of data.

Use the stored data to analyze your employees’ driving patterns, check archive maintenance reports, preview locations or out-of-route events, and look back at a certain time of a vehicle’s trip if you suspect any malicious behavior.

Our user interface has been made to be simple, intuitive, and reliable for your operations.

Keep watch on your vehicles and employees’ travel speeds; receive alerts when they are going above the speed limits.

Spot malicious drivers who would not follow the predetermined course that would incur additional fuel expenses that are higher than your average. Our system will send an alert whenever a driver takes an unapproved detour. The system can also set routes that the drivers can take before their journey, and select the optimum route that your drivers have previously taken.

Our panic button or SOS button is designed for dire situations such as accidents, law enforcement conflicts or vehicle malfunctions. Once pressed, a distress signal will be sent to the operation manager or to the personnel who will be given administration over alerts.

Serial codes will be indicated to the tires, in order to gauge the distance records, date of purchase, maximum kilometers, and when tires are due for replacement. Our system can also prevent scammers from enticing you to change your tires too early or to sell the tires.

Fuel level sensors are used to detect levels of liquid. If the liquid reaches a certain level.

Monitor your vehicle’s temperature, to assure that your transported products are safe. If ever the fixed temperature of your specified value drops or increases, an emergency notification will be sent.

Door sensors are embedded to the vehicle’s back door to notify when there is a threat that may lead to pilferage of transported products.

ACC on or Ignition sensor will notify when one of your vehicles activates, it will also notify  the system if a vehicle has been activated during non-working hours, this will alert the personnel that will handle the situation and prevent any ill intended use of your vehicle, further securing your fleet.

Geo-fencing uses either GPS or RFID to indicate the virtual barriers.

Functionalities can range from having designated entries and exits, having fixed paths, and locking down your vehicle’s location within your selected area. If your equipment or vehicle leaves the Geo-fence, an alarm will automatically be sent, immediately notifying the security to handle the situation.

Analyzed from trip history data, driver behavior can be assessed based on driving speed, harsh accelerations, harsh brakes, and sharp turns.

With our advanced analytics, reports will be auto-generated into graphs and charts from the recorded trips by your drivers.

These reports will indicate the total periods of harsh acceleration and harsh deceleration done by the drivers, as well as speed consistency and distance traveled.

Customized RFID functionalities can be adjusted for any possible solutions.

Functions can range from notifications of vehicle check points, and entry/exit points. The RFID key uses engine activation to prevent double trips from the same vehicle; the RFID records vehicle time in & time out; the RFID can create proximity lock down with a built-in alert for unaccounted vehicle trips.

Record all maintenance costs and activities done to the vehicles, and at the same time, set reminders following the maintenance schedule.

ePOD (electronic proof-of-delivery) is a cloud-based software application customized to eliminate the traditional methods of delivery. It opens the door of possibilities to increase workload capacity of delivery fleets while reducing customer service costs. ePOD is a much easier and convenient means to track down your scheduled commitments/deliveries to your clients through an on-hand verification of information – whom, what and when it was delivered.


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